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tv   BBC News  BBC News  September 4, 2017 5:45am-6:01am BST

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now it is time for our news review. we begin with the telegraph and a warning from the united states that north korea faces a "massive military response" that would be "overwhelming" if pyongyang threatens america or its allies. the philippine daily inquirer also looks at rising tensions on the korean peninsular and another warning from russian president vladimir putin who said the stand—off between north korea and the us is close to spilling into a large—scale conflict. mr putin added it was a mistake to pressure pyongyang into halting its nuclear missile programme. the arab news says muslim anger is growing in asia as violence —— the arab news says muslim anger is growing in asia as violence continues against myanmar‘s rohingya muslim refugees. the paper also reports rohingya communications spokesperson, salah abdulskoor ala ra kani, has criticised myanmar state counsellor aung san suu kyi as being "a partner in crime" with the army against rohingya muslims in rakhine state. in the gulf news‘ business section, china has called on the brics group of emerging economies
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to promote global free trade. at the start of a 3—day summit in south—eastern china, beijing has sought to position itself against an america first agenda. the guardian reports on the ongoing brexit negotiations and comments made by the european union's chief negotiator michel barnier, who said the british people need to be taught a lesson about the consequences of leaving the eu single market. and in the guardian's financial pages, global asset managers schroders are predicting more than $1.5 trillion in company profits worldwide could be erased by taxes required to meet the paris climate agreement. so let's begin. with me is oliver cornock who's editor—in—chief of the oxford business group. welcome to you. we have the daily telegraph's front page and a lot of
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international papers, reaction to north korea yesterday testing its most powerful nuclear will missile to date, a fairly overwhelming, strong to date, a fairly overwhelming, strong response to date, a fairly overwhelming, strong response from the international community does not least president trump. and the question on everybody's tongue is what to do. equally if the statement that something must be done which is always dangerous because quite simply it is clear none of the options available are particularly attractive and the obvious either. we are left in a situation where world leaders are trying on one level to the escalate and on another level to the escalate and on another level they have the rhetoric coming out of the us product —— perhaps predictably from donald trump of the belligerent ratcheting up it seems and the question is where will it end up? it has rattled the market as we have seen, it isn't good for the economy is south korea and certainly any options that increased sanctions against north korea are unattractive to china, remember, right on that
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border are huge refugee crisis for example would destabilise the region again, but the question is, what would happen if nothing is done? so when we move onto the next story, when we move onto the next story, when we move onto the next story, when we see president putin saying, exerting pressure on north korea, it isn't an option, well, you are left asking what would you do?” isn't an option, well, you are left asking what would you do? i was going to say that his comments don't pressure rise them further or broader sanctioned to what the and many are looking at not necessarily to russia and china to play its part in this whole situation. and in terms of the response from china so far, what have we got? it does seem to me that china perhaps holds certainly some of the keys to unlocking this problem. they can exert pressure in a way that nobody throws, they have better relations although of course famously resident xijinping although of course famously resident xi jinping has been touted recently as not being a great fan of the north korean leader. the relationship goes vice—versa as well, doesn't it? historically they
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have had a stronger relationship and perhaps anybody else in the world. so in terms of exerting pressure through cutting off oil supplies, perhaps, that may — apparently north korea's while supplies last six months. could that be the other? the simple fact is probably a combination of increased sanctions perhaps removing even things later today, increased pressure from china, and sort of a global coalition trying to push pressure but certainly, it needs to continue because what else...? but certainly, it needs to continue because what else. . . ? north korea, what kim jong—un want, is to be given international recognition, be brought in from the cold, and given the huge war of words escalating over weeks and months you cannot see it being the table. i couldn't agree more, if that is what he wants, to come in from the cold, you have to ask if we want somebody coming in from the court was prepared to push
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themselves onto the world stage in this way. moving on, this is a story we don't talk about much, the arab news talking about unsung su chi being a partner in crime. the rohingya are minority group and it is very controversial, isn't it, she has come out of house arrest and have come into politics, this group is being treated —— aung sang suu skyi. it is the first time that she has been implicated in this story of rohingya within myanmar. interesting it is carried in the arab news which isa it is carried in the arab news which is a saudi arabian paper. again, as any muslim country, lee. ——a sunni muslim. it points the finger firmly at the minority being attacked by the army and there is apparently
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this passive endorsement apparently from the alleged passive endorsement from the alleged passive endorsement from this nobel laureate and in the saudi paperand from this nobel laureate and in the saudi paper and the president of indonesia president widodo are criticising her. onto the gulf news business pages and the story with xi jinping opening the brics conference. the big moment for him somewhat overshadowed by the development to north korea but nevertheless he made his big speech and his plea is forfree—market, very much the anti—trump agenda when it comes to what is happening in the markets at the moment. the resort irony that china, a huge market and one of the core rook economies, is coming in with questionable practices in a fairly closed economy is calling for greater openness, in line with the america first policy. rob on we must remember that also that these big four countries are meeting at the time when the economy led economies of the emerging
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markets are suffering, we see it in business at the moment, a lot of these markets dominate the regions in which they are waste. they are all suffering. is a lot to be talked about here. this idea of expanding the brics group as well, mexico would like tojoin. it would be extremely timely with what is happening with america, for them to be brought into the group. the question that has to come down too, have they got enough clout as a body to start pushing themselves, their political wrangling between india and china, the himalayas recently. lot of internal wrangling in south america. huge systemic problems within these economies. not as strong as that used to be, that is for sure. definitely, you have to question why they exist, how much unity can they go? now, what do you make of michel barnier‘s comments about leaving the single market? i
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would say many british people with the everyday they are being reminded of the consequences are off in the media, if no one else. furthermore, the tone of this comment from michel barnier meeting on the banks of lake como ina barnier meeting on the banks of lake como in a 5—star hotel, sadly e nforces como in a 5—star hotel, sadly enforces so como in a 5—star hotel, sadly enforces so many como in a 5—star hotel, sadly enforces so many of the stereotypes the british people have about the european union. so whether you agree with it or not, the language is really strange. very antagonistic. not constructive. so it is left now to me to seem to again fuelled the tit for tat rather negative, not very constructive presentation and debate and to the negotiation is going to be negative now and again but it does seem this language isn't helpful. what are people saying to you about brexit? obviously with the oxford group you talk to businesses all of the time. what is there feeling? we speak to frontier market from emerging markets, economies looking to open their borders, and there is a staggering disbelief that it economy of the scale of the uk
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would choose as they perceive it to be in simplistic terms to step back from an open and free trade deal. there are many months to go on this and the mood music is terribly negative, especially when we see things like this. you think they need to change their attitudes briefly to move things forward positively? i have to and let's look at this headline and this language, it is not going to be helpful. they queue for coming in, all over. stay with us. all of the top stories coming up next. buy buy. have a good day. hello. after a weekend of two halves, we go on a bit of a weatherjourney this week but something a bit quieter at least coming through during the middle of the week. i will start with a couple of images from sunday's weather. after all that saturday sunshine, grey skies, some rain around. the further east you are,
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you did not get that rain until quite late on and the weather system that brought it is starting to fizzle out but we are left, as monday begins, with plenty of cloud. it's low cloud, it's misty, murky, some coast and hill fog around. still damp and drizzly in places as well. and it is quite warm, quite humid air that's across us. look at these temperatures for 8 o'clock in the morning. some around 16—17 celsius. not as breezy as it has been into england and wales. again the chance of seeing a bit light rain, more especially in parts of northern england and scotland. mainly dry start in northern ireland but this band of wet weather is going to move in and will also push across scotland during the day. still quite windy for some of us here, especially the further north you are. northern isles with a risk of gales, into shetland. on through the day. after all that cloud to begin with, we start to brighten things up a little bit in england and wales, especially east wales and through northern, central, southern and eastern england. if you get some sunny spells for any period of time, it could be quite warm. 23—24 celsius could well be yours, maybe the chance of a shower.
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we'll move a band of rain through northern ireland. outbreaks of rain through scotland but the further west you are, especially late afternoon going into the evening, it could well be brightening up once again. the rain is not done with us though. on monday night it looks like it will pep up again through this zone here, back into parts of northern ireland, maybe scotland, northern england and wales before going into tuesday this energy will run out eastwards into the north sea. we are left on tuesday with this weather front still heading south—east, just not as much rain associated with it. a cold front, the leading edge of cooler, fresher air so there is a change to the feel of the weather coming our way by the end of tuesday from the north—west. so a band of rain pushing south eastwards across england on tuesday, behind that one or two showers following, but actually, as you can see, sunnier weather, cooler, fresher feeling weather but at least we have the sunshine as temperatures come down a few degrees. and then we embark on that somewhat quieter spell of weather for a couple of days. wednesday just a few showers in the west, variable cloud and sunshine. many of us dry on thursday but it looks we will see
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another weather system bearing down on parts of scotland and northern ireland as we go on through thursday. so this week's weather then, a humid, quite warm start for some of us, if you see some sunshine, but then turning cooler and fresher, with sunny spells and showers for a few days. but by the end of the week, thursday night into friday, it looks like it will be turning wet and windy for a time. this is breakfast. donald trump warns north korea the us is ready to use nuclear weapons to defend itself. washington says it will use a massive military response if america is threatened. in the last few hours, south korea carried out a missile drill simulating an attack on the north's nuclear test site. good morning, it is monday four september.
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also this morning: the uk's coastal communities are among the country's worst off.
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